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Welcome to Shadow Hosting International, An Initiative To A Bright Future

Shadow Hosting International, a child company under Shadow Networks International is a virtual service provider.It is known for its affordable service and highly secured network. It was originally founded back in year 2014 with the name of “Hostingee International” until it was re-branded as “Shadow Networks”. The company is known for its secured network and cyber security analysis encounters background. The company, as of date 31st October 2018 is ran by two peoples from India.

Shadow Hosting, What is it all about?

Shadow Hosting is known for its affordable web services. It’s first priority is its network security followed by client’s satisfaction with the service. With over 7+ reviews from Trustpilot and Facebook, it has gained a good standing. Web Hosting,SSL Certificates,E-mail security, everything related stuffs can be found here.

Where in India is Shadow Hosting Located?

Shadow Hosting is located in Andheri, a district in Mumbai. For now, it isn’t a office based company but we’re planning to putup our own space in Andheri. We will soon expand our service depending on the requirements.

Shared Hosting

Shared hosting is a web hosting type in which the client is given a small amount of space with limited bandwidth transfer and limited stuffs. In shared hosting, the word “shared” stands for the shared resources for the website. It means the website is sharing fair space,network, and other resources with other clients on the same server. The website’s data are secured by automated mechanism scripts which disallows other users on the server to access other member’s website data. You can buy our shared hosting package starting from just 2.9$/month.

DDoS Protection

The term “DDoS” stands for Distributed Denial Of Services. It is a type of cyber attack in which forged,infected,spoofed packets are sent to target in order to overload the resources. After the packets are delivered in a very large amount, the website stops responding. This disables the website temporarily until the attack stops.

Shadow Network’s configured network and OVH’s anti-DDoS mechanism participates in countering such attacks on the website. When hacker tries to send HTTP packet, he/she fails due to built in packet filter comes up and saves the website. If the attack is made over server, OVH’s anti DDoS mechanism is immediately enabled by the AI and all the attacks are filtered to its network. Both the technologies shaking hands together assures you a bullet-proof website.

Reseller Hosting

What does reseller hosting mean? It means we allow you a specific amount of space,bandwidth and other stuffs with a WHM control panel through which you can sell web hosting packages to your client. It means, this would help you start your own web hosting company. Unlike other companies, Shadow Hosting provides you the same but in most affordable price with the protection. If you talk other resellerclub or hostgator, they can be easily taken down! Yes, I have personally tried taking down their server and it worked! They went down for more then expected period for like 15 minutes after a 5 minutes attack.

SSL Certificate

SSL certificate is a green padlock you can see at the edge of a website. This mark is a sign of encryption over the website. Whenever you make a transaction or login into a website, it sends the data to the server. During the travel, from browser to server, the packets can be intercepted by hackers. To avoid this, a SSL is installed. SSL encrypts the packets travelling from browser to server. Not only for security, it also enables the trust for the customer of your website to make transactions freely.


You can get a free SSL certificate with any of our shared hosting plan.

Thank you for reading our article.

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