How To Earn Money Online With Shadow Hosting Affiliate Marketing

Finding a website to earn money easily? Or running out of bucks at the end of the month? Well, Shadow Hosting is there for you! You might be thinking how can we help you earn money? We’re just a web hosting company, right? No, we pay out too! How? Let’s learn how to make money with us online.

How To Earn Money Online With Shadow Hosting?

Earning money from your primary job has been b oring then every. You can’t make extra bucks, you just get the fixed one at the end of the month! So a need to find a source of making money online is quite necessary for you. These extra bucks may help you somewhere,someday.

Instead of going to online crypto-currency ponzi scheme websites, you can earn money without investment. Yes, you can earn money without investment. How? You still have to invest. But I did just say that you guys don’t have to invest, right? Well, yea. All you have to invest is your little time and dedication, and as soon as you’re setup, you can earn money without doing anything! Just like setup a business, work for a decade or two, and rest!(as long as you don’t need more money).

How to make money?

Earn money online

You can make money via affiliate referrals. What is “affiliate”? Well, it’s a part of attracting customers to a particular website. Shadow Hosting has got that too! You can signup for affiliate program.

You will be given a link that you have to spread around the Internet. Whenever someone opens that link, he/she is redirected to our websites homepage. And if that person buys any product from our website, you get 30% out of every purchase he makes! For example, your name is Hamid and you referred Shadow Hosting to Emile, Emile bought a web hosting package worth 10$ from us. What do you get? You got it right! You get 3$ without Emile being paid extra 3$. Emile pays 10$ and we pay Hamid 3$(that is 30% of Emile’s purchase.). Shadow Hosting’s Affiliate Program.

Now I know what to do. But where can I advertise/spread the affiliate link?

You can spread anywhere relevant! See, we’re a “web hosting” website so you have to find someone who is interested in it! You can give the link to those who are interested in web hosting services or have been struggling with their current web hosting provider for poor services. Let’s see “possible” ways through which you can get peoples order from your link.

Community Forum/Discussion Websites

Business Idea

You can post our links in community forums website where “hosting” and “digital” services are prioritized. How to attract peoples to your post/advert? A personal tip, you can first help peoples with your knowledge. If you are a web developer and someone is seeking help with finding a web hosting that comes in their budget, you can refer them to us! Yes, without posting whole affiliate link and just text link,(that is a link behind a text, ie hyperlink with affiliate link). You helped that guy, you got reputation and you even got a referral(if he buys)!. The more the reputation is, the more awareness you get and the better the chances are there for peoples to click your link and make purchase.

Blog Post/Guest Post

Guest Posting

If you are a blogger, you can contact blog websites owner and request them to make a post on their website. You just don’t have to say that you’re advertising, you just say, you’re spreading the words! Blog website owners are more likely to find guest authors who can post for them on their website. After you’ve done this, your link got awareness, you got possible sales. You continue doing it and you get more attention + reputation + income!

What are practices we should not do?

There are always dos and don’ts in every aspects of our life. So do earning money with Shadow Hosting has too! In order to not get tagged as a “spammer”, try not to “spam” or post in a place where the topic isn’t relevant. Only post where “digital” stuffs are engaged and you’re within the guidelines. This helps you to maintain your “good standing” or reputation.

Conclusion On Earning Money Online

Let’s come to the conclusion of today’s topic. You can earn money from many places around the world, but earning fast money is hard. Shadow Hosting has it for you! Start earning today.

Shadow Hosting Affiliate Program

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