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About Shadow Hosting

Shadow Hosting, a child company of Shadow Network. Shadow Network is a multi-sector based IT company. We provide web development, cyber security intelligence, web hosting and many more similar service.

Our History

Started back in year 2014, Shadow Network was initially named "Hostingee International". Due to some SEO issues, we decided to drop off Hostingee International and give a new start to Shadow Networks. Shadow Network was originally founded in 2018 in the month of February. It was firstly started as a San Andreas Multiplayer gameserver. Later a week, it's concept was changed to virtual service provider. And now this is it.

Our Goal

Our goal is to provide virtual service in the most affordable price. Not only affordability, but also it's durability. We, at Shadow Hosting, takes oath to provide you the best. In case, if something happens from our side, we will never take anything as granted. Our first priority is our client so we would never give up on helping you with any hosting or IT related issue.

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We have powerful products which can help you for managing your digital services.
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